Our aim is for students to become effective patrons of the library, adept at locating, retrieving, and using information.  Books also complement classroom instruction and are used for research and personal enjoyment.  Classes visit the library according to a 6-day schedule, and students are reminded by their teachers when their library classes will occur.  During class visits, the librarian will assist students to find books, and students may check out books as long as they have no overdue, damaged or lost material outstanding. 

You may browse the library site at home, by clicking on the following link and choose our school "École Steffie Woima".

You may access our virtual library site HERE

You will see 2 tabs at the top.  The home tab will take you to a variety of sites that are educational and fun for staff, students and parents.  The catalogue tab takes you to an area where you may look for books.  On the left hand side of the screen on the catalogue page, there is also a Destiny Quest link, that is useful for seeing what are the top books in our library, and for making lists of books you may like to read, review, or recommend to a friend.  To log on to Destiny Quest or to the general login for the library site, students may click on the login tab, and login the same way as they would on the school computers.  Once logged in, students may see what books they have out, and have access to more features on Destiny Quest. Did you know we have a Parent Resource Collection available for parents?  Feel free to drop by the library to see what we have.  Books may be borrowed on your child's card for 3 weeks.

Reading opens you up to new adventures and gives you a chance to explore your world and beyond! LYL (Love Your Library),

Ms. Sandberg


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