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Inline Skating

Posted on Sep. 19, 2023

In-line skating lessons will be running September 25 - October 13. All students in kindergarten to grade six will be participating in this activity as part of the regular Phys. Ed. Program. We have once…

Terry Fox Run

Posted on Sep. 13, 2023

  Steffie Students to Take Part in the 43rd Annual National Terry Fox  Run/Walk on Thursday, September 21st beginning at 10:15 am. Each grade will have staggered running times to help with congestion…

Walk/Run Club

Posted on Sep. 11, 2023

The program start date is Monday, September 11th and we plan to walk or run the CP Trails close to our school every Monday/Wednesday/Friday during lunch. This club is available to all grade 5 & 6 students. …

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