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Inclement Weather Days

With the safety of students, staff and parents our highest priority, Chinook's Edge has developed an Inclement Weather procedure - Administrative Procedure (AP 1-13) (please click on the link to read the AP in its entirety). This means school buses will not run and/or school closures may be in effect to involve a single school, a community of schools or the entire school division if weather necessitates an Inclement Weather day.

Be Safe - see more details at this link
● No matter the season, be sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather and don’t let them walk if the weather is not safe.
● Watch this video for pointers on dressing children safely before they head outdoors!
● Don’t drive and/or don’t let your children drive if the roads are not safe.
● Be familiar with the Chinook’s Edge Inclement Weather approach to safety and know what the terms Yellow Day and Red Day mean:

Yellow - Buses are not running in part or all of the division, but schools are open and learning is
moving forward.
Red - Red Days are rare, but Red Days mean schools are closed in part or all of the division.

Please visit Chinook's Edge website for more information on Green, Yellow and Red Days. 

Thank you!


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