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Steffie Woima Marathon

The Steffie Woima Marathon is happening this Friday!

**Note - ALL Steffie students participate in the final Marathon kilometer, even if they did not register. Students who registered will receive draw tickets and t-shirts. **

We will be starting at 9:15 am on Friday morning with our runners heading out first. Families are welcome to come walk (or run) with the students! Please wait outside the school in the front loop to meet up with your child when it is their turn to go. 

The classes will make their way down to the grass area beside the park at the lake. Each student will receive a water bottle when they arrive. They will then sit for speeches and prizes before heading back to the school.                                                                     

Please remember:

*Dress your child for the day - wear running shoes and comfortable exercise clothes. A hat is a good idea too. 

*Remember to put on sunscreen before coming to school. 

*Pack a water bottle and extra snacks for the day.

Sports Day:

Sports Day will take place here on our school grounds after the BBQ hot lunch (for those who ordered). 


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